Beginner’s Guide to Make Money with Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo is a very popular website that has a very good following. However, only a few people actually know
about the potential of this website to earn money for the users. It’s a very simple concept but undiscovered by many of the internet users. The concept of earning money with the creation of Squidoo lenses is often talked about but not everyone knows about it properly.

What is Squidoo?

Known widely as a web 2.0, this is a website where the user can create his own content and at the same time triggering the response from the readers. The content that is written by the user is often termed as a “lens”. Therefore, the user creates lenses while working with Squidoo.  The whole concept behind the working of Squidoo is the creation of lenses and getting them to read by the other viewers in the market. The more lenses a person creates, the more is the money involved in his business. Therefore, the creation of lenses is directly proportional to the money making on this website. People sometimes earn more than 3000 USD per month with a single Squidoo lens too. Squidoo proves to be the exclusive place where the person can convert his dreams into reality.

Why to choose Squidoo over the other platforms over the internet?

The important question here is why people prefer Squidoo over the other platforms on the internet.
Here comes the answer. 

The major reason why Squidoo is preferred over Google and other platforms is the volatility and unpredictability of Google. No one knows about the algorithm that Google is about to launch.  This confusion has aided to the rising trajectory of Squidoo. Sometimes, the blogs are thumping on high before the Google‘s update destroys it all. Therefore, people prefer not to use Google’s platform to maintain their blogs. 

The world Alexa rank of Squidoo is 400, whereas the page rank of this website is 7. The authority that this website has gained all over the world is unquestionable. Although, Squidoo had been attacked by Google Panda but it somehow managed to tackle that situation. If Squidoo could recover from the attack on Google Panda once, it can recover once again on the attack of some online source. Due to all these facts, Squidoo has qualified to be termed as the safest online source.

How to Work with Squidoo?

While working with Squidoo, the user has to put in the same strategy of searching the keyword and then writing the post targeting your keyword. The benefit of creating a lens based on the keyword is the traffic that can be triggered on the blog. However, lens creation is a bit more difficult than creating regular posts on the platform like Google. After some use of this platform, the user becomes a master of creating lenses. Therefore, it is just a matter of time before the user can unleash his skills and earn high profits from this platform.

The lens creation services can be outsourced as well, if the user is lazy enough to create them on his behalf. Websites like Fiverr provide the user with this opportunity of outsourcing the task of lens creation. There are many users that create a lens at a minimal cost of just 4 USD.

The back-linking is not required in Squidoo as it is already equipped with many authoritative users in its profile.But to boost the ranking of your squidoo lenses build few backlinks and it will rank high in no time.

Here are the requirements for creating a good lens:

  • First of all, the product should be selected very carefully. We will be discussing how to choose and promote the right products in our upcoming articles.
  • The quality of the lens should be the priority rather than running behind commission and profits. 
  • While creating the lens, all the benefits of a product should be explained. If the lens is not informative, the reason of creating the lens goes in vain.
  • The content on the lens should be free of plagiarism. 
  • The will to connect with visitors should be high in the case of the users.
  • The lens must be categorized well under the various options available on Squidoo.
  • The products that are selected must be appropriate and good enough for the decent income. 


Squidoo has emerged out to be a great platform for money making and in many ways, it has surpassed the likes of Google and the other platforms. It will grow exponentially in the nearest future and the market gurus have high hopes with it.

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